28 February 2007

I was reading a book earlier today that talks about how the male mind works.


I honestly don't think girls can understand how different guys' minds are! I know I don't get it. I'm sad to say that I was not at all convinced that modesty was important. But reading this book, I realized that it's a battle that has to be waged every day - on both sides: For guys keeping their eyes to themselves, and for girls to forgo a little extra attention. Argh! It's so frustrating! (With that out of my system, I'll proceed.)

Girls are dumb. Guys are taxed. Both are cursed. Unless they both realize it, nothing will happen. Yup yup. (Sorry, I can't come up with anything else right now.... )


Mark said...

That's true. It's kind of hard on both sides... Girls have it easier though.

Josh said...

its easy to say the other has it easier.

Crystal Soldier said...

It kind of is. Partly 'cause we'll never be the other (thus we really can't know)

Allegra said...

I agree...that the other side has it easier...whether you're a girl or guy, it's good to realize that the other is struggling, and to help them by being sensitive.