21 June 2007

19 June 2007

Snakes & other pertinent news

I guess I ought to update....


Ok, seriously, we just got a snake today. She ROCKS. She looks a lot like this.

She isn't poisonous, and she doesn't bite. But she is VERY strong. Since her chief way of getting prey is constriction, she feels like a solid muscle. Note to self: Don't hang around neck. It's a little frightening to hold her. She does tend to tighten up when she's frightened, and she doesn't like sudden movements.

In other news, we're expecting our sixth kid, due mid-January. Please pray that the pregnancy goes well for my mom.

Um...I am still not done with school yet. I am working v.e.r.y. hard on biology, though, and I should be done with it shortly. Even if I have to work on it all summer, I won't be bummed out, because it, combined with chores and other goings-on will keep me from being bored this summer.

Some of my friends are *blessed* to be in VA this week for debate camp. They are all going for team policy debate and I'm pushing my intial jealousy aside to wish them a great time in Virginia! (And hoping that they'll share their notes & acquired wisdom with me... heh heh....)

NCFCA nationals are over. I didn't go, though I'm not sure I would have gone if I'd qualified. I don't think I'll go to nats (even if I qualify) until my senior year, when I may go even if I don't qualify to watch.

I think that covers it. (If anyone's reading this...... :)